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Archived code resources

A collection of pre-HTML5, pre-ARIA, archived code resources demonstrating historic methods and techniques. Kept purely as reference.

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Simple FAQ

20th April 2012

A simple folding FAQ using a little JavaScript

Modal Pop-ups using CSS3

8th March 2012

An accessible pop-up modal window using purely a mix of CSS and HTML and zero JavaScript

Embedding Flash video accessibly

29th November 2008

Continuing with unobtrusive Flash insets. Here's how to present Flash video in an accessible manner. Including as required: Alternate media, captioning, audio description, and text transcript. A simple, unobtrusive, and lightweight method.

Gzip content

25th September 2008

A simple server-side content compressor to dramatically speed up the delivery of your website.

Accessible form help

15th September 2008

A demonstration of an accessible method to hide form help utilising unobtrusive JavaScript.

Accessible Ajax glossary

10th January 2008

A neat little solution that uses Ajax to fetch definitions. Works with and without JavaScript available. Easily tailored to suit inclusion into a database.

Accessible quiz

19th August 2005

A simple accessible XHTML quiz designed to be easily re-purposed.

Semantic image rollover menu

12th June 2005

A semantically written menu that uses a single image and swaps accompanying text descriptions in an accessible manner.

Accessibility workshop

26th November 2004

An accessibility workshp which ran in 2004. The content and learnings remain, in most part, relevant today.

Other resources

Developing With Web Standards [off site, new window]

Explains how and why using web standards will let you build websites in a way that saves time and money for the developer and provides a better experience for the visitor. Also discussed are other methods, guidelines and best practices that will help produce high-quality websites that are accessible to as many as possible.