The NGfL technical checklist

Here are the specific technical checks a website goes through in order to gain a NGfL badge.

NGfL technical checkpoints (links to help tutorials)

Yes No  N/A Unchecked
Images have meaningful text equivalents.
Colour alone is not used to convey information.
Clearly identify changes in the natural language of a document's text (Spanish, French, etc).
Organize documents so they may be read without style sheets.
Ensure that text equivalents for dynamic content are updated when the dynamic content changes.
Site is navigable and content available by keyboard alone.
No screen flickering or blinking.
Use the clearest and simplest language appropriate for a site's content.
Client-side image-maps used (not server-side image-maps).
Identify row and column headers along with their scope on data tables.
Name and title each frame in a frameset.
Each frame references a valid HTML page.
Each referenced frame has a meaningful page title.
Pages are usable when scripts, applets, or other programmatic objects are turned off or not supported.
Provide accessible equivalents to multimedia presentations.
If you cannot create an accessible page, provide a link to an alternative page that is accessible, with equivalent information, and is updated as often as the original page.

NGfL technical checkpoint warnings (links to help tutorials)

Yes No N/A Unchecked
Ensure that foreground and background colour combinations provide sufficient contrast.
Create documents that validate to published formal grammars.
Use style sheets to control layout and presentation.
Font-sizing is scalable.
Do not cause pop-ups or other windows to appear without informing the user.
Ensure that home page is less than 80Kb in size.
Each page has a meaningful page title distinguishing it from similar pages.
Use header elements to convey document structure.
Mark up lists and list items properly.
Mark up quotations. Do not use quotation markup for formatting effects such as indentation.
Ensure that dynamic content is accessible or provide an alternative presentation or page.
Do not create periodically auto-refreshing pages.
Do not use markup to redirect pages automatically.
Avoid deprecated features of W3C technologies.
Clearly identify the target of each link.
Use navigation mechanisms in a consistent manner.
Form inputs are adequately labelled and positioned.
Avoid movement in pages.

Browser checks: Content available and site navigable

Yes No Unchecked
PC Windows Internet Explorer.
Lynx (text-only).
Macintosh OSX Internet Explorer.