1. Accessibility & Legislation
  2. Common Issues
  3. Testing & Tools
  4. Analysing Your Site

2. Common issues and repair methods

"It is my belief that computer systems impair us all, even now I'm being disassociated by a qwerty keyboard and a cathode ray tube. Surely there are more enabling methods inclusive to all?"

Mike Foskett: 14th Jan 2001


This section covers the technical requirements for inclusion on the NGfL. The related advice and guidelines are to help ensure that your site is of high quality. The following sections are ordered in frequency of occurrence, that is, the first section covered is the most common cause of failure during the accreditation process.

Due to its technical nature a little understanding of HTML is a requirement for some of these pages.

There is far more detail here than can be respectfully covered in a single hour. We will only go through the most relevant. Please feel free to ask questions about any sections not covered.

The sections

  1. 2.01 Text equivalents.
  2. 2.02 JavaScript usage.
  3. 2.03 Data tables.
  4. 2.04 Frames.
  5. 2.05 Colour usage.
  6. 2.06 Keyboard & mouse.
  7. 2.07 Text-size.
  8. 2.08 Cascading Style Sheets.
  9. 2.09 Natural language.
  10. 2.10 Comprehension.
  11. 2.11 Dynamic content equivalents.
  12. 2.12 Server-side image-maps.
  13. 2.13 Formal grammars.

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