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2.01.03 Text equivalents: Tooltips & logos

Example showing tooltip

Tool tips

Only Internet Explorer displays the alt attribute when you hover on an image, it shouldn't. Do not use an alt attribute as a tooltip. If you need to add further information then use a title attribute:

<img src="image.gif" width="??" height="??" alt="alt text" title="more info appearing as a tooltip here" />

Visible alt attributes can be seen as unnecessary noise on your page design. Their appearance can be overridden by using a blank title attribute. e.g. title="". This has no adverse effect on accessibility.

Ye Olde Balloon Shoppe: an example company logo

What would make a suitable alt attribute for the logo displayed?

Logo images

The company logo should have an alt attribute simply stating the company name alt="Company name". It is considered superfluous to append it with the term "logo".

If the logo also acts as a link back to the homepage then alt="Company name: Return to homepage" would be appropriate.