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2.01.05.a Text in images: Answer

Album sleeve of 'Youth culture' by The Sony Corporation

Youth Culture

In the late twentieth century the global corporations took an interest in the rapidly expanding youth marketplace, purchasing that which they failed to earn for themselves.

The Indignant reformed in the early nineties, renaming themselves The NY Corporation to bring alive this work of political dissatisfaction with the onset of global corporations attack upon the youth of the day.

What would make an appropriate alt attribute for the image?

  • Correct option: None: alt="". In this specific case all the important information is conveyed by the text itself.
  • Correct option: Album sleeve. This would suffice, that is if it is the only album cover on the page.
  • Correct option: Youth culture by the NY Corporation. The literal text.
  • Correct option: Album sleeve of "Youth culture" by The NY Corporation. The verbose response.

So if they are all right which one should I use?

They are listed in preference. Shortest first.

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