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2.01.08 Text equivalents: Image-map navigation


Because image map areas may be very small in size it is always a good idea to have a separate set of text links for each image-map link area. Consider London in the image-map below.

Map of UK and Eire Scotland Northern Ireland North East North West Yorkshire & Humberside Wales West Midlands East Midlands South West London South East East of England Eire


The original image has an alt text of "Map of UK and Eire" then each mapped region also has a relevant alt text e.g. "Wales". Each location on the map is duplicated in the text links.

Server-side image-maps

It is very rare for an image-map to require server-side processing instead of client-side. It is highly recommended that they are avoided completely, but, if an absolute necessity, please ensure that a set of text link equivalents are present.

Further information

W3C: Image-maps

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