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2.02.05.a Pop-Up windows: Answer

Question 5

Correct answers: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

Which of the following are accessibility problems that may arise when using pop-up windows? (Choose all that apply)

  1. Correct option: The new window may be distracting. The normal behaviour of a link is to open in the existing browser window. Opening a new browser window may be disorienting and distracting.
  2. Correct option: A screen reader user may have no indication that a new browser window has been opened. Many screen readers and Web browser give no or little indication that a new window has been opened, thus forcing the user to navigate between and become oriented with additional browser windows.
  3. Correct option: The removal of browser tool bars may make it difficult for some users to navigate the page. Assistive technologies and individuals with motor disabilities may rely upon the browser tool bars for navigation and functionality.
  4. Correct option: The new browser window may not be scalable or resizable to someone using a screen enlarger. Someone with low vision that is using a screen enlarger may not be able to move, resize, or scale the content within the new browser window.
  5. Correct option: Users may become disoriented because the "Back" button on the browser does not return to original page. Because a new instance of a window has been opened, the normal behaviour of pressing the "Back" button to get to the previous page does not function.
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