1. Accessibility & Legislation
  2. Common Issues
  3. Testing & Tools
  4. Analysing Your Site

3. Testing & tools

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

Chinese proverb

In this session

This training session is PC IE only. There are cross browser methods utilising other tools but given the time allocated they are considered beyond the scope of this tutorial.

In this session we will focus on testing a web page for basic accessibility using Internet Explorer with an Accessibility Toolbar.

First take a look at the demonstration given by the Disability Rights Commission (DRC): Inaccessible Website Demonstration

What you will learn

We have created a small nine page website for you to test. It contains many of the issues outlined today.

You will be instructed:

  1. What to look for.
  2. How to spot an issue.
  3. How to repair or avoid it.


Please read all the instructions prior to implementation:

  1. On your desktop you will see a file called "AccessibilityToolbarSetup.exe"
  2. Exit Internet Explorer and double click the file to install
  3. Run through the installation using the default settings
  4. Once installed double click the file called "Testing & Tools" to return here.

The sections in this session

  1. 3.01. Introduction to the toolbar.
  2. 3.02. WAI guidelines.
  3. 3.03. NGfL technical checklists.
  4. 3.04. Page validator & Link checker. Shift and click to open in new window.
  5. 3.05. The test-site "Faultysite.com".

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