1. Accessibility & Legislation
  2. Common Issues
  3. Testing & Tools
  4. Analysing Your Site

3.01 Testing & tools Introduction

Accessibility toolbar Toolbar option Validate option Resize options CSS options Image options Colour options Structure options Tools Doc info References Internet Explorer options Magnify options

Accessibility Toolbar

An fuller explanation of the toolbars functions can be found on the NILS website. Download the Accessibility Toolbar from the same site.

Try out a few of the options to see what they do one this page. We will work on specifics over the next few pages


We will use this to validate a HTML page, and its style sheet, with the W3C


Use this to see how a web page may appear on different sized displays


With this we can display either the image or it's alt attribute


Used to view a page in greyscale


Use this to outline headings, tables, lists, JavaScript handlers


There are many online tools available for use. We will use Bobby to basically check a web pages accessibility

IE Options

Here we can switch off JavaScript, style sheets, plug-ins, images. We can also alter the font-size used.

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