Issues on Faultysite.com

By using the toolbar you should have found:

  • No alt tags except for "Trees in autumn", "Trees in steel" and "Logo". It has been purposely built using tables and spacer gifs.
  • The menu uses harmless JavaScript for the rollovers.
  • JavaScript is used to harmlessly high-light and validate the search option.
  • An onchange menu uses inaccessible methods and also links to the site-map page which is not available through conventional links.
  • The layout table has a background colour which creates the dark-blue border. When CSS is switched off the text becomes illegible.
  • The font-size has been set in pixels so font scaling is unavailable in Internet Explorer.
  • The contact form uses colour to identify required fields.
  • The data table on the contact form has been correctly marked as a data table.
  • All pages validate to HTML v4.01 transitional except for the missing alt text.
  • Products page: Has all alt text in place. The data table is marked-up as a layout table. This page validates fully.
  • The page title does not change page to page.
  • The resources page has a Flash menu. It links to sections of the site which are unavailable through more conventional means with no text-equivalent available. The page fails validation which is usual for Flash inset pages.