A simple, folding, FAQ section

A bare-bones example of a folding FAQ section. Full article

1. Pre-applying a class of "on" to a DT forces it to show on page load.
A. It is recomended to leave the first question open to provide a hint to the user about the functionality presented.
Please ensure the link colours used are different to standard links too.
The arrow graphic used is embedded in the CSS as a dataURI base 64 image with a back-up png for IEv6 & 7.
2. Will the code handle more than one sibling DD?
A1. Apparently it will. There is no limit to the number of sibling DDs that may be hidden.
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3. Without a sibling DD the icon space is still reserved but no icon is displayed.
4. Are multiple DL lists on one page supported?
A. Yes. Just add a class of "faq" to the DL if you want it to fold.
All the default class names may be overridden.