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WCAG 2 level AA with ARIA support modal dialog used for a popup iframe. Google map, web page, YouTube video, and an image used as an examples.

- (incept: )

Popup containing an iframe

Current status (22/08/2016): In cross-browser testing (minor issues local to this page require investigation)

Vanilla JavaScript (<4Kb inc CSS minified and gzipped), no dependencies.

The iframe block may be replaced by a video, or a large image, to suit specific needs.

As used on the Tesco carrier bags (v1) (rubbish) and the Finest wine-bar (v2).

Example using a Google map

Please note this method doesn't make the iframe content any more accessible than it is in a full window, and requires JavaScript.

Note the iframe content is not loaded until the map button is activated.

Tesco finest* wine bar location