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GitHub repositories

A list of the production-ready code repositories stored on that there GitHub.

Mike Foskett - (update: )

Crop copy then restore via sliding drop-down

23rd January 2017

Responsively crop your content copy down to a user-defined number of lines. Click to fully restore the content via a sliding drop-down animation. All delivered in an accessible manner.

Matching element heights

12th December 2016

Easily match-up heights responsively across a set of non-linear elements. Allows for multiple sets, each possibly having a different height.

Late-loaded animated gif with pause button

30th August 2016

Improve page-load performance by defering the load of a large animated gifs. Load a static jpg first, then swap across. This allows the addition of a pause button which helps to meet WCAG 2 level AA guidelines.

FAQ using ARIA attributes

19th August 2016

Semantically correct FAQ with animated show-hide accordian style. Vanilla JavaScript toggles ARIA attributes which are animated via CSS. Questions may be set open on-load or via a URI fragment.

Repositories on GitHub

March 2016 –

Check GitHub for the complete list of repo's that witch I wot rote.