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Food Love Stories

Behind every meal we love is a story. It’s more than just a bunch of ingredients. We know that the meals we make for those we love matter. Discover Food Love Stories, brought to you by Tesco.

Tasty ‘Pick-me-up’ meals

David’s ‘hot or not’ chicken curry

If you’ve seen our recent TV ad, you’ll be in on our Food Love Story about David’s shameful secret: when he met his wife, he fibbed about sharing her love of spicy food. 15 years later, he hasn’t come clean, but he’s still making his wife her favourite curry – with a sneaky dollop of cooling yogurt for him. Get the chicken curry recipe

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More Food Love Stories

Nana’s ‘magic’ soup

When Nana from our story is called on to look after her poorly grandson for the afternoon, she knows something that might just make him feel better – her ‘magic’ soup. Somehow, it seems to do the trick, even though she sneaks a few ingredients into it that he doesn’t strictly like. But if he ever finds out, he won’t kick up a fuss, because it tastes so good.

Ella’s ‘one- handed’ stir fry

Sometimes two hands aren’t enough – Ella from our story knows the feeling. Running around after her triplets is fun but hard work, and when you’re constantly picking up after little ones, it’s tricky to get anything else done. So when she’s thinking of an easy meal to help her out, there’s nothing better than a low-effort but tasty stir fry that leaves one hand free for mum duties.

Stu’s ‘never fails’ mac ‘n’ cheese

Normally, uni student Stu, from our story, is a beans-on-toast kind of man. But now that (much to his family’s surprise) he’s bagged himself a girlfriend, Becky, signs of change are afoot. For their six-month anniversary, he’s decided to go all out and cook her favourite meal: mac ’n’ cheese. With some Stu-style touches (bacon, yessss!), and a little ambient candlelight, it’s the best mac ’n’ cheese she's ever had.

Bill & Izzy’s ‘mum’ll love this’ cake

When it comes to what to make for their mum this Mother’s Day, siblings Bill and Izzy, from our story, are in total agreement: it has to be a cake. Maybe their baking skills don’t entirely match their enthusiasm, but they know she’ll love their showstopper – even if they had to cover up the wonky bits with buttercream.

Our Dad’s ‘post- footie’ pizza

For Dec from our story, Saturday is extra-special, as that’s when he sees his dad, Alan. After a kick-about in the park, they've got a long-running tradition: it’s back to Alan’s to cook up their favourite meal, homemade pizza (Alan’s got a signature way with the sauce, using butternut squash instead of tomato). Serving suggestion? On the sofa, in front of the telly, watching their favourite comedy classics.

Joan’s ‘missing you’ blondies

When her four kids were little, all of them loved the brownies that Joan from our story used to make as a treat – all except her daughter, Sarah. Not wanting her to feel left out, Joan took to making her blondies instead. Now that Sarah’s at uni, Joan misses her like mad – so she posts her her favourite childhood treat as a delicious reminder of home.

Stories from our suppliers

The bread perfectionists
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We choose to work with suppliers who share our passion for food and first up we have Rob and Mike, our 'Bread Perfectionists' from Heygates Bakery who supply our best-selling Tesco finest* White Cob. With a history spanning back to the15th century, Heygates are so in tune with the process of milling to baking that they can grade how fine the flour is just from touch, a real sign of their expertise and experience.
The cheese fortune tellers
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In this Food Love Story, our “Cheese fortune tellers”, Rich and Tom Clothier describe how they make cheese every day of the year at Wykes Farm. With over 150 years of family heritage in the heart of Somerset, their love for cheese has been passed down from generation to generation. They are passionate about the craft and care that they put into picking the very best cheese that goes on to make our Tesco finest* Cheddar.
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