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Food Love Stories

Nana’s ‘magic’ soup

Packed with flavour and 2 of your 5 a day

Nana’s magic soup is the best medicine to make her grandson feel better when he’s poorly. She even sneaks in a few things that he doesn’t like much. But if he finds out, he won’t kick up a fuss, because it tastes so good.

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Sampling of Nana’s ‘magic’ soup Friday 26 January: 12pm-7pm Saturday 27 January: 11am-6pm

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‘hot or not’

Made with tender, succulent British chicken

David has confessed to a secret: when he met his wife, he fibbed about sharing her love of spicy food. 15 years later, he hasn’t come clean, but he’s still making his wife her favourite curry – with a sneaky dollop of cooling yogurt for him.

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Make the food you love, for the people you love

Iain’s ‘proper’ croque monsieur

Best smothered with Tesco finest* Gruyère

Since Iain and his dad first tasted a simple croque monsieur in France, it’s become their favourite weekend lunch. Iain’s made a few changes to it along the way (bonjour, wafer-thin roast turkey) – but for him and his dad, it’s most definitely ‘proper’.

Al’s ‘ace’ gluten- free pancakes

Best served drizzled with Tesco Canadian maple syrup

Al doesn’t mind getting up early to help the kids make Mum a special breakfast in bed. Only problem is, they are so thrilled with how happy it makes her, they now want to make her pancakes every weekend!
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