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Here’s to Dad

Father’s Day

19th June 2016

Whoops! I broke it.

Introducing Tannoy Takeover

It’s not always easy to tell Dad how much you care.
Watch how we helped our customers show some love this Father’s Day.

Click to play the 'Introducing Tannoy Takeover' video.

Show Dad some love this Father’s Day 19th June

Play 'Introducing Tannoy Takeover' video.
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Play 'Cassandra's Tannoy Takeover' video.

Give Dad a personal gift

Make this Father’s Day one he’ll never forget. Explore our homemade gift ideas and find the perfect message to write in Dad’s card.

Laurie Neale CD

The Neales Charity Single

When Laurie Neale suffered a heart attack in 2006, he decided to change the way he lived his life, and his passion for music led to the dream of singing with his three sons.

Last year, James, Dan and Phil made this a reality by joining their Dad on stage for Britain’s Got Talent as "The Neales".

Phil has been a Tesco colleague since 2014, and with Tesco’s support, The Neales are celebrating Father’s Day with their debut single "I’ll Be There". This original song is a promise to always be there for loved ones, with every sale raising money for the British Heart Foundation and Diabetes UK through Tesco National Charity Partnership.

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Cook for Dad

Whether Dad’s favourite is steak and chips or gooey chocolate cake, we’ve got the ingredients and the recipes so he can eat like a king.

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