Mike Foskett

Accessibility Consultant & Front-End Developer – a problem-solving technologist


As an experienced Accessibility Consultant and Front-End Developer with 20+ years in the corporate and public sectors, I specialise in accessibility, user-centric development, web standards, page performance optimisation, and usability. I was an award-winning developer at Tesco.com, which, under my tenure, reached 2 million hits a week. As a front-end code team manager, I provided training, mentorship, and guidance on front-end technologies and accessibility best practices. I excel in stakeholder relationship management, possess excellent organisational skills, and have a flexible and highly motivated approach to my work.

My goal is to help businesses reach a broader audience by enhancing the accessibility of their digital products, achieving a more inclusive digital experience.

Key skills

  • Accessibility (WCAG 2.1, WAI-ARIA), UK GDS, audits and VPATs, automated and manual testing (Wave, Axe). Training and mentorship.
  • Web Standards, HTML, CSS, JavaScript (APIs, AJAX, REST, JSON, Vue, Vanilla), and SVG.
  • Performance & Optimisation (WebPagetest, Lighthouse, Pingdom). Image and video optimisations.
  • Assistive Technologies: Voiceover, JAWS, NVDA, Narrator. MacOS, iOS, and PC.
  • Jamstack: Node, Gulp, SASS, Nunjucks, Eleventy, Git, Netlify.


Accessibility Consultant (contract)

Generated WCAG accessibility audits for various online assets, which included technically detailed solutions, repair strategies, and code examples to help enhance accessibility.

Accessibility Consultant (contract)

Assisted Appraisd along their journey to achieve WCAG 2.1 AA compliance by auditing, prioritising issues and providing guidance for app developers to address. Delivered detailed semantic code solutions using Vue, Vanilla Javascript, HTML 5, CSS, and WAI-ARIA.

Senior Front-End Developer

Milton Keynes (Hybrid)

Revised and revamped the Sign-up and Sign-in processes from Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 5, removing jQuery reliance and post-loading assets for improved performance, accessibility, UX, error correction, and auto-complete. Used Bootstrap 5, vanilla JS, WCAG 2.1, and WAI-ARIA to enhance page performance and reduce maintenance.

Jamstack Training

– Lockdown

Acquired expertise in Jamstack methodologies through a comprehensive training course. Produced Bat the Dog to demonstrate state-of-art: performance, accessibility, and fully optimised SEO.

Gap Year

I embarked on a journey exploring Europe in a campervan and attended ten music festivals across the UK.

Senior Front-End Developer (contract)

Welwyn Garden City
  • Researched peers, benchmarked page performance, prepared presentations, and secured senior stakeholder approval for performance and WCAG accessibility improvements. Applied to their homepage, it resulted in a significant upswing in engagement and achieved 2 million weekly visits. Industry experts recognised this as a leading example of best practices in performance optimisation, attaining a load speed of under one second, making it the fastest-performing page in its class.
  • I developed Tesco's Store Locator, Food Love Stories, and other inspirational page designs to be mobile-first, responsive, WCAG AA accessible, and even animated to support sales and marketing objectives. All were delivered within tight deadlines and resulted in improved user experience and engagement, leading to increased traffic and higher conversion rates.
  • As the manager of an international coding team of 5, I provided regular mentoring in new coding methodologies, resulting in a 20% increase in productivity. I spearheaded the training of new developers, resulting in a highly skilled and cohesive team that consistently met project deadlines and exceeded stakeholder expectations.

Front-End Developer (contract)

Welwyn Garden City

Hired to help improve the performance, accessibility, and usability of their online platforms. As part of this effort, I redeveloped the home and grocery pages, recognised with an Accessibility award from the RNIB. Additionally, I conducted training sessions to promote awareness of accessibility, WCAG and performance best practices.

Accessibility & Web Standards Consultant (contract)

Warwick Science Park
  • Contract extended to provide expert training, guidance, and mentorship on WCAG accessibility and web standards to the education, special needs, and local government sectors.
  • Developed interactive and engaging training materials to supplement training seminars and workshops, ensuring participants had access to high-quality resources to further their learning and development in WCAG and web standards.
  • Optimised Becta's school websites for search engine visibility and user experience, resulting in increased traffic and reach across the UK.
  • Improved the performance, efficiency, and maintenance costs of over 40 sites by migrating to a table-less XHTML design, simplifying the CMS(s) and resulting in streamlined processes and cost savings.

Web Developer & Inclusion Tester (contract)

Warwick Science Park

As part of the project to prepare websites for inclusion in the Government's NGfL, I audited for WCAG conformance and rebuilt sites to meet accessibility and usability standards. I identified cross-browser and cross-platform issues and developed customised solutions to ensure each site functioned correctly across all devices and browsers.