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Online tools

An odd collection of tools created in support of the various roles I've covered.
Perhaps they'll save you time too?

Mike Foskett - (update: )

Convert pixel-point-em-rem-percent

9th April 2017   (update: 20-07-2017)

Freely convert between pixels (px), points (pt), ems or rems, and percent (%) values. Primarily for font-sizes and media queries. Calculator and chart provided.

Fluid-responsive font calculator

3rd March 2017   (update: 20-07-2017)

Easily generate fluid-responsive font values for embedding directly into your stylesheet.

WCAG colour contrast checker

4th April 2015   (update: 28-04-2017)

Check, adjust, and convert foreground and background colour combinations for compliance with W3C accessibility guidelines.

Image to data-URI converter

28th January 2010   (update: 13-06-2017)

Convert images to base64 data-URIs for embedding as image URLs directly into HTML or stylesheets.